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Intellect, kindness and talent make a powerful combination. Lisa Tran has these qualities in abundance and seeks to share them generously with her students whenever possible. In the world of performing arts, she is that rare mentor who is even-handed and sensitive when delivering her always constructive suggestions to emerging artists. Lisa takes seriously her status as role model to young dancers and consistently and mindfully conducts herself with honesty and integrity. I feel very fortunate that my child had the opportunity to know and learn from Lisa for several years.
— Jamie Sherman, Performing Arts Professional & Parent of former student
Former student, Kendall Bush  Photo by  Liza Voll 

Former student, Kendall Bush

Photo by Liza Voll 

Lisa knows how to set high expectations for her students while creating a supportive environment for them to become impeccably trained, professional young talents.
— Ryan Casey, Professional Dancer/Choreographer, Former student
My daughter has been a student of Lisa Tran since August 2013. Lisa is a gifted and talented teacher. She embodies the perfect balance of what is required to be an exceptional dance instructor. Lisa is very firm and no nonsense and her students respect her for it. She is very precise and thorough and allows her students to flourish in the environment she creates. My child excelled under her guidance and instruction. We have been to numerous other studios for both trials and instruction and none of the ballet teachers can compare to Lisa Tran.
— Katie B., Parent
During the time I worked with Lisa I found her to be highly organized and a strong leader. I also had the pleasure of being a parent of one of her dancers. Not only was she clear and concise in her communications with both the staff and parents, but she dealt with difficult situations with a level headed calmness.

It was my pleasure to share my daughter with her. It was an even greater pleasure to work with Lisa over 5 years.
— Sharon Bush, Parent of former student, Costume Manager
Miss Lisa played a dominant role in my growth as a dancer when I first began to study more seriously. She has an ability to push dancers to grow in a very real way. Her students are pushed to pick up material faster, be more fit, be more flexible, and also be more precise. She takes all of her students seriously, and runs a company accordingly. Her unique choreography is inspiring to both a dancer and an audience and is some of the most creative choreography I have ever been given. She serves excellently as both a long term instructor and a master teacher.
— Maria B., Former student
I studied hip hop and contemporary with Lisa throughout high school. Her classes were among my favorites for a number of reasons. For one, her choreography is interesting and challenging while strategically showcasing each dancer’s individual strengths. Her warm-up was a huge part of why I liked her classes. As an exceptionally injury-prone dancer, warm-up is everything. Not only was her warm-up thorough and effective, it incorporated different influences such as yoga and Horton that helped to broaden my movement vocabulary. Most importantly, she cares about her students. When I first took class with her, she was studying engineering at Tufts at the same time, but that didn’t stop her from being fully invested in our development as dancers and as people. She was always happy to stay after class to answer questions dance related or otherwise, and she helped myself and others prepare for college auditions.
— Melanie N., Former student