Classes for Ages 7-15

At this age students have many class options to choose from and are learning more skills and technique than in the preschool and intro level classes. These classes require a longer attention span and students will have a warmup, technique drills, and choreography in every class. Some classes are geared toward the beginner student while others require some previous dance experience.


Ballet (ages 6+)

Ballet is one of the classical styles of dance and the foundation for many other styles. Dancers will focus on proper alignment, vocabulary, and strengthening exercises: at the barre, in the center, and across the floor. They will learn to move with grace as they become stronger, more flexible, and confident dancers.


Tap & jazz

Our tap class is all about rhythm, coordination, and musicality. Dancers will learn tap terminology and proper technique while becoming great rhythm-makers! This technique is essential to the development of well-rounded, musical dancers.

Jazz, like ballet, is a classical dance style rooted in technique. In this class dancers will be exposed to many different styles of jazz and will learn proper technique and how to move with power and precision. 


Lyrical (ages 6+)

Lyrical is a variation of jazz dance which draws heavily on ballet technique. Dancers learn to express the emotion and energy of the music within their dancing. Ballet is a requirement to take Lyrical.


hip hop

Hip Hop is a broad genre of dance which includes locking, breaking, and popping, among other techniques. In this class dancers will learn some of the fundamentals of hip hop dance as well as creative, high-energy choreography.



This is an athletic skill building class for dancers who want to increase strength, balance, and flexibility. Students will learn the fundamentals of acrobatic/tumbling skills for dance.


PERFORMANCE TEAM - AGES 7+ (6 year olds will be considered on a case-by-case basis)

Our Performance Team performs locally at events, parades, and more throughout the season in addition to our Holiday Show and annual Recital. These students must be enrolled in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz in addition to team rehearsal.

Our dance team program is dedicated to improving technique and performance in a non-competitive environment.

Placement auditions for the 2019-2020 Team will be FRIDAY SEPT. 13 - 5:30PM